Full stack DEV

Full stack DEV

Société : Utopia Tech

Lieu : Tout Madagascar

Hello all, Do you want to join a startup company ?

I’m a team member of Utopia Tech and we are hiring a Full Stack Developers with skills in these technologies node.js, react.js, CI/CD, git, aws, HTML5, CSS3. Here below is an overview of Utopia Tech and what we are doing.


On behalf of Utopia tech, I would like to offer job opportunity to you for the various positions we will have available to those who perform well as we will not be able to make salary payments until after our company has launched.

Our company aims to provide its members with the best job experience! The goal of this offer is to develop skills, make professional connections, strengthen resume, gain work experience and finally to recruit ones who show real engagement.

We are offering work-from-home friendly environment and we can promise that our members won’t get bored, as they will be assigned real task the moment they become part of our team. We promote transparency and collaboration while working on projects together remotely.

About the company:

We are a startup Tech Company.

We have over 32 modules/platforms in our business plan, Including: –
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency with a $2,000,000 (2 Million) Initial coin
offering – Property market (Clients pool money together and our experts buy
property for them.

Clients own the property in proportion to the amount they put forward in
the money pool) – Peer to Peer loaning – Business solutions such as Point of
sale, Project management and Employee managing ^^ PLUS MANY MANY MORE ^^

Our first module to launch (our cash cow) is our selling platform that
will be similar to Amazon in setup.

We are assigning each page to a single developer and once they finish it
we can assign them to a new page and so on.

Working with Utopia Tech is an online working job so:
– You must be fluent in English speaking and Writing
– You’ll be working from home
– You must have a computer, a good internet connection and a headphone
– You’re free to choose the time you want to work, you just have to complete 4 hours working day during the startup.

We’re looking for every person who has the skills on :

Full Stack Developers with skills in these technologies node.js, react.js, CI/CD, git, aws, HTML5, CSS3

Please note that once you’ve completed and submitted an
online form with your application then you’ll be redirected to the Utopia Tech platform and the member of our HR team will contact you ASAP.

If you’re interested about this offer, feel free to contact me.

Compétences requises

  • node.js, react.js, CI/CD, git, aws, HTML5, CSS3

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